LinuxLive Bristol 2014

I wrote the bulk of this post shortly after the event but then due to a number of things, including work, forgetfulness and the recent events within Mozilla, I never edited and published it. In the spirit of ‘better late than never’ here it is:

Most mornings I would groan at having to get up at 5:30, and I would love to say one Saturday three weeks ago was an exception. Sadly, it wasn’t, but the grogginess of having to wake up so early had soon cleared away by the time I was on a rather empty train going down to Bristol.

That Saturday I spent my day helping out at a small event in Bristol, organised by the local Bristol and Bath Linux User Group, aimed at converting users of the soon-to-be EOLed Windows XP to a Linux distribution.

While the event wasn’t quite as well attended as the organisers had hoped, there were still a number of attendees I managed to talk to about Mozilla and Firefox, and the time not spent talking to attendees was filled with other interesting discussions.

I had a number of goals for the event but a few of these got thrown out of the window when the technological knowledge of most attendees was slightly higher than I expected. Because of this, rather than spend time explaining what a web browser was to people, I focused on telling the Mozilla story, and helping users with any problems they had in Firefox.

I also ended up imparting some Linux knowledge to attendees, being a reasonably longtime user of Arch Linux.

Only the other day I was invited by one of the organisers to a re-run of the event. I fully intend to attend, as with a few more people there, this event format feels like it could be very successful.

My thanks goes out to the organisers: the event was a great opportunity to talk to people about the Mozilla story, and meet some ‘real life’ Firefox users and help and discuss problems they had (one of which I intend to blog about when I get round to it).

Both images by David Fear used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.