Building a big tent for teaching the web

Being a teenager who’s witnessed the UK’s shoddy Computing (or, as we like to call it, ICT) education I’m not suprised that according to a recent YouGov poll of UK parents and youth, commissioned by Mozilla, only 3% of British 8–15 year olds are currently being given the opportunity to learn and write computer code, while a majority are interested in it.

Let’s stop wasting kids time with teaching them (for the fith time) how to make a spreadsheet (or, rather, let’s teach them, but teach them in a lesson in which it all makes sense: Maths; the same goes for word processing, English teachers can, and should, teach it), but instead teach them skills which will be useful in the world of tomorrow. As a careers advisor who came into my school the other day said, “many of the jobs you will be going into don’t yet exist.” Many of those jobs will rely on some aspect of Computing.

So, what is Mozilla doing about it, specifically in the UK? Well, just before the Mozilla Festival (which I attended, and will blog about soon) Mozilla announced a new partnership focused at spreading digital literacy and building a big tent for teaching the web, all in the UK. Interested in how we’re going to do it? Or maybe you have an idea on how to get webmaking to reach the masses? Or are you an organisation focused on teaching digital literacy in the UK? If so, you should go read the full blog post here: